Send Email Application Hosts the latest ~ Microsoft comfortable Reading Mode

Mode read (reader mode) is a special feature on the Microsoft Edge. Use the features of the add-on to enable reading mode, then we can read the information browsing results comfortably without the distractions of the browser look too full. Live 1-click to return to the original webpage.

3. Put a Feature Reading List

Almost the same as reading mode, we can use a third party such as a Pocket to look back on things that we want to read later. To enter the results list browsing we want to read it later, we just clicking the icon in the taskbar Favorites then go to the bookmark to access the back reading list we want to open.

Both feature reader mode nor reading list are both equally new features that can only be found on Windows 10.
4. Microsoft Edge Provided System good security

Perhaps no one is concerned with the security system on the browser application. But this strict concern for Microsoft to implement it on the Edge. Learn from the experience of Internet Explorer that was the target of Malware attacks, #virus, and groups of hackers, now the development Edge is very mindful of security gaps in order to give a more secure browsing experience and powerful no doubt.
5. Easy of use

We certainly think that in this day and age of modern all-round no person who does not know #internet. But the fact is that Microsoft remains focused on this and trying to eliminate features that can confuse the novice internet user. When you want to access certain features, we can select the picture settings menu point three (…) on the right side of the screen.
6. Armed Cortana

Still remember with pride that become Series iOS?

Now the Edge also comes with the support of Cortana, the virtual assistant who has a function like Siri. Through the Cortana, we can do browsing using voice commands. Cortana will also help translate every phrase we mean before showing Microsoft’s browsing on the Edge.

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7. Save the page Browser Features

If you want to mark important parts on the browser page, then it should we rely on Edge. We can also store your browser page we find the favorite so that later it is easy to be accessed again when we need it.

Many of the advantages Microsoft Edge that makes us interested in using it. But one of the things that is still so lack of application this is not yet the existence of a feature extension (its extentions) such as those on Google Chrome. Microsoft plans to develop extensions for the Edge has not been ascertained for some period of time into the future.


There is no harm in trying to use the Microsoft Edge that later will be present to complete Windows 10. If there is an opportunity to experience a more sophisticated technology, surely we should be the number one person who tasted it.


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